Anarca (1988-1989)

Hommage à Ernst Jünger, for orchestra

Jüngerian or Battistellian alter ego? Regardless of the possible similarities to Jünger and/or Battistelli  in
Anarca, the protagonist incarnates the symbol of intellectual affinity shared by the great German writer and the Italian composer who has written other scores based on Jünger’s works. One of the aspects that best depict this harmonious rapport is reflected in the visionary style characterized by both men. This perspective is represented in a composition that resonates of the free spirit and noble detachment from material values, that is Jünger’s protagonist. It narrates a musical journey that continuously changes course catching the expedition that has broken away from the “Monarch antagonist” off guard. The copious orchestration that is at the same time obsessively attentive to detail, mirrors the epic Jüngerian perspective able to examine things closely while maintaining a broad outlook. A musical composition that lives up to the keen interest Jünger had in the world of sounds: that which he considered to be, “the mythological event of the creak of a piece of wood in the middle of the night”, as he disclosed to Battistelli. The result is an ephemeral and audacious piece of music. It is an anthology of musical references that brings to mind constellations of harmonious, otherworldly landscapes and the eccentricity of capricious melodies, unabashed and fanciful. The score pokes fun at the listener by sliding into a spoken narrative sequence of scathing aphorisms portraying the rebels. It breaks suddenly and softly on the confident chords of the self-proclaimed prophet, the narrator, allowing for “a pinch of irony”.

First performance:
Nice, 30 June 1989
Marcello Panni, conductor
Jean Pierre Drouet, percussionist reciting 

4 (II, III e IV anche ott).4 (IV anche cor i).3.4 (IV cfg) / / perc (= 4 esec), glock, 2 arpe, cel / archi (
solists with amplified microphones: fl (traverso in do, Pan-sardo), gc
(even p, p a 2, 2 w bl, crot, go, almglocken; even reciting voice)
[text in German, Italian and French]

Duration: 16’


Number score catalogue Ricordi: (134986)