Pacha Mama (2011-2012)

per orchestra

This composition is structured in three movements without interruption. The first movement opens with a journey into the song of the earth where the musical nucleus of our planet is studied and shaped by a chromatic and expressionist orchestra. The harmonic magma leads into a lively and throbbing rhythm that defines its form and essence. The final movement consecrates the ritual dimension of contact between man and earth, between soul and matter, sealed by the lyrical song of Pacha Mama that reaches relentlessly higher on the register of the strings. It is an intense and piercing work that expresses the desire to access the impenetrable laws of the earth’s biological and spiritual life that never cease to surprise us.

Commissioned by: KlangZeitFestival 2012 Münster


First performance:
Münster, 6 marzo 2012,  KlangZeitFestival
Sinfonieorchester Münster
Fabrizio Ventura, conductor

3 (II e III anche ott). 3 (III anche cor i). 3 (III anche cl b). 3 fg (III anche cfg)/ / timp – perc (4) arpa  pf / archi

Duration: 15’

Score number catalogue Ricordi: (140725)