Comme un opéra fabuleux (1979)

for a percussionist 

A short musical fairytale that tells the story of a group of old, dusty percussion instruments long
forgotten in a cellar. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, the instruments begin to resonate and
communicate with each other. Pride and determination drives their hopes of returning to play in
theatres and they start to vibrate thanks to the “wise hand”. A Dionysian hand instinctively beats
an extemporaneous rhythm, countered by percussions that arouse a vibrant musical profundity
using cymbals, drums, and bells like storytellers of sounds, instruments that recall the Apollonian
hand defining their intellectual and individual nature. And true to an “opera fabuleux”, they invoke
a new element of drama, the role of the “percussionologist”, the only character in this minimalist

mar, 5 ps, 5 t bl, 2 bongos, tom b, almglocken, gui

Duration: 6’ 30”


Score number catalogue Ricordi: (135143)