Ostinato (1986)

version for 3 percussionists by Gianluca Ruggeri

This composition aims to unhinge the linguistic barriers of ‘art music’ by stepping over the boundaries defined by musical genres. Rhythms intertwine in constant crescendo in this challenge with magic: to use unconventional sounds to move the listener who is bombarded on all sides by “consumer” music, and shake the contemporary-music buff from a numb, elitist world and get them to open up to more simple, instinctive music.
Ostinato was written in one go during a stay in Berlin inspired by the impact with the diverse cultures that live there. The reference to Berlin punk rockers is a tribute to the city’s nightlife and the stubbornness of those who still believe in a black and white world. 

percussions (3 performers): g.c., timp, tom tom gr, rull., bongo gr., bongo ac., tamb. basco

Dedication: To the punk generation in Berlino

Duration: 16’  

Score number catalogue Ricordi: (140384)