Frau Frankenstein (1997-1998)

Monodrama of the “modern Prometeo” 
Text by Giorgio Battistelli from Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley 

A projection of the creator Mary Shelley reverberates in her own creature: the writer’s voice, set on the night in which her famous novel came to light, incarnates both the meta-creator, Dr. Frankenstein, and the creature, the quintessential monster. In a reversal of points-of-view, roles, and sexes that viscerally unsettle the natural interpretation of the ritual of maternity, the tale of the son’s (the monster) love for his mother (the Doctor) is told. A monodrama set in gothic scenes where the mysterious and imperceptible element of the Promethean invention is delivered through an electronically elaborated, distorted and modified voice. A resonant vivisection examining the inspiration of the creator’s mind: phonic surgery that travels within the body of the voice.

First performance: 
Berlin, Biennale, 20 March 1993 
Ensemble Modern 
Gabriella Bartolomei, reciting voice
Jürg Wyttenbach, conductor 
Giancarlo Carluccio, director 

attrice o att / 1.-.3 (III cl b).- / 2.1.1.- / 2 perc quintetto d’archi (oppure orchestra d’archi) / live electronics
[performance without video, with reduced number of scenes (even just one) is allowed; text available in Italian and English]

Duration: 35’

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