Prova d’orchestra (1994-1995)

Six musical scenes of the end of the century 
Libretto di Giorgio Battistelli
(libero adattamento da Federico Fellini)

(Translation and rhythmical version in French by Sophie Le Castel) 
(Deutsche Übersetzung von Claus H. Henneberg)

Based on the film by Federico Fellini, this is a parody of an orchestra rebelling against its authoritarian conductor who slowly loses control of the situation as the rehearsal turns into complete chaos. The opera ends with a wall collapsing causing the death of one of the musicians. Terrified by the tragic event, the musicians invite the conductor to take back control and they begin to play. The score winds around a series of ironic and sometimes melancholic interviews of the musicians developed through recitatives accompanied by an accordion and ensemble pieces. The choruses are intense moments that punctuate the composition and stress the tension and harmony within the group-orchestra through greatly contrasting interwoven polyphonies and rhythmic parts.

First performance (French version):
Strasbourg, Opera du Rhin, 24 November 1995
Luca Pfaff, conductor
Georges Lavaudant, director
Jean Pierre Vergier, sets and costumes
Ching Lien Wu, choral conductor 

Direttore d’orchestra, br
Primo violino, t
Primo violoncello, c
Primo clarinetto, t
Arpa, s
Tuba, b
Primo trombone, c
Secondo violino, s
Prima tromba, ms
Seconda percussione, t
Copista, b
Mimi: Giornalista, Cameraman, Fonico
Coro misto (sctb)

2 (II anche ott).2.3(III anche cl b).2 (II anche cfg) / / 4 perc, fsm, arpa, sint / archi

Duration: 80’

Score number catalogue Ricordi  (Italian-French version):

Reduction voice-piano  (Italian-French version): 136871

Score number catalogue Ricordi (Italian-German version): 137741

Reduction voice-piano  (Italian-German version): 137726