Teorema (1991-1992)

Parable in music 
Freely adapted by Giorgio Battistelli from Pier Paolo Pasolini, in two acts (16 scenes)

This drama of non-communication, or the lack of communication, is depicted in an opera performed by singers who cannot sing making it impossible to express themselves. Their voices have been taken away because they are incapable of listening to one another. Pier Paolo Pasolini’s stark script is even more stripped-down: the silences are words that don’t reach their destination and the sequence of scenes is articulated by a climate of solitude that grows throughout the dramatic rhythm and reaches its climax with the realization of the interior void that has been created. The events centre on a rich bourgeois family from Milan who receives a visit from an unexpected guest. He enters their lives establishing a more authentic form of communication with each member of the household. The stranger is a messenger of destruction sent to expose relationships dominated by hypocrisy. 

First performance:
Firenze, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Teatro Comunale, 10 maggio 1992
Officina Musicale Italiana
Orazio Tuccella, conductor
Lucy Bailey, director 
Simon Vincenti, sets and costumes 

actors, a narrator with instruments; 3 voci corali; 3 cl, 2 cor, trb, trbn, perc, zarb e daf, arpa, sintetizzatore 3 vl, 3 vle, 3 vc, 2 cb

Duration: 70’


Score number catalogue Ricordi: (135918)

Piano reduction: (137403)